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Two Florida homeowners who maintain very busy schedules wanted to bring as much order and ease to their life as possible. So they outfitted their home with the latest automation technology, including whole-home lighting control, audio and video distribution, voice and data network and security systems.

From day one, however, their home automation system was a source of frustration. The lighting control and audio/video systems experienced frequent problems, and fitting multiple repair appointments into their hectic lives meant that the homeowners spent three years tolerating a barely usable system.

Doherty Design Group was recommended to assess the existing system, discover the deficiencies in the original installation and provide a solution that would work flawlessly every time. Doherty Design immediately located a number of devices that were installed incorrectly and had never worked properly. DDG also installed new wall controls that included backlit, engraved buttons, making it easy for the homeowners to instantly identify the components they needed to control. In addition, DDG reprogrammed the entire system to function according to the couple’s daily schedules.

Now that Doherty Design Group’s efficient retrofitting is complete, the homeowners are thrilled to finally experience the benefits of their investment in a home automation system.

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